Real-time Positioning System

Chimeslab develops tomorrow’s positioning software.
A solution made to be easily adapted for different needs.

The system is a so-called RTLS (real time locating system) system.
Through various techniques, including WIFI, BLE, RFID or UWB, objects equipped with special tags can be positioned in the system.

Positioning data opens up for several possibilities:


A map view that real-time visualizes position data over one or more floors simultaneously.
Follow workgroups and equipment or get direct indication of where an alarm has been activated anywhere.

Find equipment

It is easy to find equipment without having to look, all information about where the equipment is, is stored and can quickly be accessed. User-friendly clients can show which equipment is closest and how to quickly find it.

Automated event sequence

Position data is used to describe workflows. An operation flow with automated ordering of cleaning takes place by detecting when a patient enters an operating room and then leaving the operating room. By detecting these events, the system can automatically book cleaning for the recently used operating room.


With Chimeslab’s software solution, there is a significant degree of utilization when position data collected over a longer period is analyzed to assess how much an object or room is used. With this data collection as a basis, the business can more easily make strategic decisions.

Hours per month searching for equipment
Percentages giving up after failing to find a piece of equipment.

Improved patient care today and in the future

By reducing lead times, automating processes and improving the insight into how the company uses objects and utilizes premises, Chimeslab helps the hospital to be on top every day.

Chimeslab offers a comprehensive client package designed to make the most of real-time positioning. In addition to the clients, there are several possibilities for integration with existing and new software and hardware solutions via our open API.

Asset Tracking

The delay between needing the equipment and using it is minimized.

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Chimeslab One system

RTLS technologies cooperate seamlessly throughout the system.

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Contact tracing

Staff and equipment that has been in contact with an infection can easily be traced.

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With Chimeslab Wayfinding, patients and temporary staff can easily find their way to their destination.

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Hand hygiene

Chimeslab One automatically logs hand hygiene protocol compliance.

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The area is configured in the system, and a set of rules definedd and applied.

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Zone count

The entrance is defined in a map. A set of rules for automatically keeping track of wheelchairs is applied.

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A rule is defined in the system to notify staff when equipment nears an exit.

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