Managing a hospital is no easy endeavor

More than one-third of nurses spend at least an hour finding items of equipment during an average hospital shift.

In the majority of situations, nurses were looking for devices or consumables. The items most often sought were pumps, drip stands, thermometers, keys and mattresses. In 16% of cases, respondents said that they had given up such a search during the past six months after failing to find a piece of equipment. (survey by Nursing Times).

Managing a hospital is no easy endeavor and we want to help.

Hours per month searching for equipment
Percentages giving up after failing to find a piece of equipment.

A complete solution for improving patient care

With Chimeslab One platform, you get a RTLS system that helps you lift your view from a tangle of incoherent details to a holistic overview that improves patient care. An extensive client suite that easily can be extended/integrated using our open API.

Chimeslab One gathers positioning information and telemetry data from all your devices and let you make sense of it. Regardless the technology used, such as RFID, BLE, WiFi, UWB or IR – Chimeslab One is there for you.

Asset Tracking

The delay between needing the equipment and using it is minimized.

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System (rtls hardware)

RTLS technologies cooperate seamlessly throughout the system.

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Disease tracing

Staff and equipment that has been in contact with an infection can easily be traced.

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With Chimeslab Wayfinding, patients and temporary staff can easily find their way to their destination.

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Hand hygiene

Chimeslab One automatically logs hand hygiene protocol compliance.

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The area is configured in the system, and a set of rules definedd and applied.

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Zone count

The entrance is defined in a map. A set of rules for automatically keeping track of wheelchairs is applied.

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A rule is defined in the system to notify staff when equipment nears an exit.

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